Humble Beginnings


From Rome to San Diego to Chattanooga, Tennessee. This is just a story about us and our humble beginnings. I started this company to help people in building their dream products, with the purpose of eliminating the stress of the "unknown" and reducing the overall cost of digital products, from conception to delivery.

My own frustrations surfaced as I tried to build a 'minimum viable product' for my first startup. The web development world was confusing, crowded and full of unknowns. I learned the hard way, having been burned in the past, but you don't have to do the same. This is why I chose to start MarcoLogic, building relationships with customers by delivering better products at a fraction of the cost.

We use a hybrid form of development, using both US and offshore contractors to build you the best products, at the best price, proudly located in Chattanooga. Chattanooga's most effective website development agency.